Miraculously, South Florida wasn't a complete failure for star viewing tonight, and I was able to see the Venus/Jupiter magic in the West. 


Even more miraculously, my phone didn't utterly refuse to capture this!  



Here's Jupiter and a very obscured Venus  

Here's Jupiter and a very obscured Venus  

And here they both are. 

And here they both are. 

I guess I just love label design

I glanced at my recent Instagram feed and realized the majority of my posts were beer related.


I just really like the label design, ok? I mean, how awesome is that Racer 5 design?  


Guilty confession: I choose wine based on the label design, too. Shameful.  

I will always love the rain...

Because rain means nap time! Seriously, nothing is as napticing as a drizzly, grey afternoon. 

The kitchen was a steady 95 degrees all day, so after hours of that it was fantastic to pass out for three hours.


The cat, however, was not pleased.