High on Life

I'm sure you turned out great despite your proclivity for huffing lubricants, but this is the kind of thing that makes me question having children. That for years I could pour my heart and soul into raising my child and then walk into the garage one day and find him sucking on a can of WD40.


It's like she's been spying on me...

"It is my nature to leave every cabinet and drawer open like a burglar. My superpower is balancing the most stuff on a bathroom sink. If I had my druthers, I would let cat puke dry on a carpet so it’s easier to scrape up. If druthers were things, and I had a coupon for druthers, I would stockpile them like Jell-O because you never know when you might need some druthers.



"By mistake" Oops, sorry guys!

"Crashed on takeoff during a test flight. On 7 November 1941, the aircraft's tail and ailerons were damaged in a storm while the aircraft was parked at Saratov. The aircraft was repaired on site, but during takeoff, the aircraft banked right and crashed. During repairs, the aileron control cables were cross-wired by mistake."


Miraculously, South Florida wasn't a complete failure for star viewing tonight, and I was able to see the Venus/Jupiter magic in the West. 


Even more miraculously, my phone didn't utterly refuse to capture this!  



Here's Jupiter and a very obscured Venus  

Here's Jupiter and a very obscured Venus  

And here they both are. 

And here they both are. 

I guess I just love label design

I glanced at my recent Instagram feed and realized the majority of my posts were beer related.


I just really like the label design, ok? I mean, how awesome is that Racer 5 design?  


Guilty confession: I choose wine based on the label design, too. Shameful.  

I will always love the rain...

Because rain means nap time! Seriously, nothing is as napticing as a drizzly, grey afternoon. 

The kitchen was a steady 95 degrees all day, so after hours of that it was fantastic to pass out for three hours.


The cat, however, was not pleased.